Pendolino in N

Please note that the development of our N gauge Pendolino is being covered on our new website:

The Kickstarter funding campaign narrowly missed our funding target in early 2015. The good news is that we went ahead with the project anyway: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT “PLAN B”!

Tilt-shift Pendolinos at Euston by Stuart Axe

Tilt-shift Pendolinos at Euston by Stuart Axe

The Class 390 “Pendolino” EMUs operated by Virgin are arguably the most innovative and celebrated trains of their generation.

For more than a decade in their striking red, silver and black livery they’ve brought speed and style to Anglo-Scottish expresses on the West Coast Main Line.

Using tilt technology derived from APT-P, they are worthy successors to the Coronation Scots, Duchesses and AL6s of yesteryear.

Now the N Gauge Pendolino Project is seeking your support to create a model of this iconic train in British N gauge, 1:148 scale. To raise the money needed to fund the development and production we will shortly be launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. This will be enough to fund the production of 800 prototypical 9-car sets. They will be manufactured in China to the highest specifications.

390103 by Tom Smith390103 by Tom Smith

There will be options to pledge smaller contributions and exciting and unusual bonuses for backers including sneak previews of CAD drawings and a vote on the final four running numbers.

If you’re modelling the WCML since 2002, or you simply admire iconic trains, then please consider pledging your support to help us produce a Pendolino in N!  Please sign up to our newsletter so that we can keep you updated on developments.