How can I pledge for more than one unit?

The Kickstarter pledges are for what we think will be the most popular options.  Kickstarter’s website will not let you select multiple rewards, however if you would like to pledge for more than one set then you can either:

– pick one of the pre-configured bundles eg 2 x 9-car sets; or

– click on the “Back this project” button on Kickstarter’s site, then add together the combined cost of all the rewards you would like and finally add the P&P for the most expensive item you pick.  Enter the total as your pledge amount.

  • 2 sets P&P to the UK is £15 (not £20) or the EU £25
  • 3 sets P&P to the UK is £20 or the EU £30
  • 4 sets P&P to the UK is £25 or to the EU £35

If you send us a message once you have pledged to confirm which rewards you want it will save us emailing you later to ask!

If you are not sure what the total amount will be then please get in contact with us and we will let you know.

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