Keep on, keeping on!

We have definitely hit a slowdown with new pledges, though we are just under a quarter of the way through the pledging period (46 days of 60 remaining) and at 37% funded.

We’ve sent out posters and leaflets to selected traders; if anyone has a local modelshop that they could pop into with a poster please download the Pendolino brochure A4 and ask them if they will display it until 18 January 2015!

The publicity drive should ramp up before the end of the pledging period as we are aiming to have more coverage in the main model railway magazines; however we are aware that there will be some people who tend not to read magazines or go online, but who might well be interested in pledging for a crowd-sourced model, so if you know anyone like that please mention it to them!

Thanks, Ben and Mike!