The N Gauge Pendolino, if we generate adequate backing, will now be produced by Rapido trains of Canada. They’re becoming well known to British modellers as they are entering the OO market with a model of the iconic APT-E train.

Rapido Trains logoThe APT-E was, in some ways, the forerunner of the Pendolino as the tilt technology was handed down, and for Rapido’s entry into the British N gauge market, where maybe the APT-E makes a little less sense, the Pendolino is a good fit.

Rapido, and their CEO Jason Shron, are an exciting, established and well-regarded company who tend to do things a little differently, and we feel that any model produced by them has every chance of equalling the quality we would have been confident of getting from DJM.

The bottom line is that Rapido will produce the model if we can generate 800 pledges, instead of the 1,000 DJM would have needed. As Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing mechanism, we feel that we have to go with the option that gives us the best chance of getting over that initial hurdle.

The Kickstarter page, with a slightly different set of rewards and goals, will be going live soon.  We will now be offering, as an extra pledge possibility, a British N Gauge first:  Models with factory-fitted sound.