Pendo Plan B!

With two and a half days left for pledging, the Kickstarter total is at £152,500. We’re still £57,500 short, and would need pledges equivalent to £23,000 per day to reach the total.

That’s still possible, but while we are still fervently hoping that we will reach our Kickstarter target, with this in mind we would be foolish not to at least have a back-up plan ready.


We are delighted to say that Jason and the team at Rapido have taken the decision that the £150K pledged so far is enough to justify this model being produced whether or not the Kickstarter campaign reaches the target.

And the even-better news is that, as a reward to those who got us here, Rapido have very generously agreed that anyone who pledges by the deadline will be eligible for the significantly discounted Kickstarter prices.

Orders taken after the deadline will be at a higher price which we will announced should the Kickstarter fail.

If you have pledged, please also register at our website to ensure you can take advantage of the Plan B offer for pledgers (there is a sign up box on the right hand side of nearly every page!).

If your Kickstarter identity is not immediately apparent (a small number of then Kickstarter profiles do not have obvious names) then please let us know so we can match up email addresses to backers so we can later ensure every backer receives the models they are entitled to.

Pledging for the Kickstarter does not commit you to taking up the subsequent offer to buy models via Plan B.

The model will be produced according to our original schedule and is expected to be delivered early in 2016. The first step will be laser scanning the Pendolino in late January.

Having said that, if we can succeed with the Kickstarter it will be an amazing achievement and set a significant precedent for other ideas and projects.

We are also very proud to say that so far we’ve had well over 50 pledges for the Poppy Pendolino, meaning that at least £500 should be raised for the Royal British Legion.

Ben and Mike