The end is nigh!

We are rapidly approaching the funding deadline and we don’t want anyone to miss out! Hopefully you will have seen the progress we have made over the last 3-4 months with the choice of manufacturer, and the support of Virgin Trains and Alstom. A huge amount of work has gone into the project and it would be a shame to fall at the final hurdle when we are so close to making the project a reality.

It is important to emphasise that once the deadline for funding closes on Sunday 18 January 2015 there will not be any opportunity to place further orders for approximately 3 years (12-15 months of the production process and then 2 years exclusivity for the project’s backers before Rapido could re-run the Pendolino production – that is even assuming that Rapido were prepared to produce another 1000 sets).

It is also only fair that we state that any future production runs of the Pendolino in the future would be at a signficantly higher price as they would be sold with trader markups through model shops – by backing this project you are getting the opportunity to buy direct and cut out the shop markup.

We now have less than 7 days left in the funding campaign and have secured pledges for £132,000 in funding – if everyone on this mailing list confirms their initial interest and makes a pledge then we have an excellent chance of making our target and if we don’t make the target then no one loses a penny!